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“Wedding Photography is not magic but a good wedding photographer can capture your magical moments so that you can treasure them for a lifetime. “
About SJP

I believe in good old fashion straight up photography. Meaning none of my photos are ever overly processed or photo-shopped. I don’t have to make great photos using the computer I make great photos in camera. (bam!) The reason I take this traditional approach to photography is because I’ve been a photographer for so long and I know what is trending today looks dated tomorrow. When it comes to your wedding photos, you want pictures that you can look at in 20 years from now and be proud of.

I would say my style is a little of this and a little of that. Meaning I’m not a photojournalist 100% of the time nor am I by anyone’s standard traditional. I think you need to have both candid and posed images to tell a complete story. While you’re checking out my website take a good look at my posed shots. Most of my couples agree that people in the shots look very natural. A bride once described my style as simple, elegant and delicate. I love the idea of capturing moments that look delicate. This might be wishful thinking but to me delicate moments are ones in which the people being photographed aren’t aware that their being photographed, picture a cute bug on the wall (that’s me). A groom once called me a ninja because I wear all black, I’m everywhere at once, always blending in the background and sometimes I’ll balance 3 cameras all at once. I never like to miss a moment.

Getting great photos of you two should be easy because you both seem to click.

What to think about when choosing a Photographer

You want to look at hiring a wedding photographer as an investment. I know that’s the same line I give to my boy friend when asking for an expensive purse but it’s the truth. After all your money has been spent on this one very important day you want to at least have great photos to help relive all those memories.

When hiring a professional photographer there are several things you need to consider. The number one thing you need to look for in a wedding photographer is consistency. If I were looking to hiring a photographer I would want to love most if not all of their portfolio, not just one or two images. (Think about it anyone can get one good photo) A photographer’s portfolio represents all of their best work and their style. You need to ask yourself does everything look like the same photographer photographed it? Professional photographers are considered professional when they have their own unique style and lighting that is reflected through out their portfolio.

You also want to consider the other things to consider a photographer’s reviews, experience, personality, and then price. The reason I put price last is because while you should never break the bank you need to consider your hiring a professional for a reason.

People tell me horror stories all the time about their wedding photographer. My favorite story ever was about a bride that decided to opt out of hiring a professional wedding photographer. She decided to get disposable cameras instead. She bought a lot of white unmarked disposable cameras really cheap. She left them out on every table for her guest to use. When she got the photos back from the lab each photo had a banner the read happy new year or happy millennium across every frame. This is a great example of why you should hire a professional photographer and price reflects results. I’ve had several people contact me to re-shoot their wedding photos. Which mean the dress has to get clean, hair and make up needs to get done, tux rented, and bride’s bouquet needs to get ordered.

Why hire me? I love what I do and I have tremendous pride in my work. I know there is no second chance to photograph your wedding, which is why… I use all professional grade equipment and I have back up gear for my back up gear. I bring no less then thee cameras to every wedding.

(Like computers, camera equipment fails. If a photographer gives you some speech about how I take good care of my gear and so it never fails, that’s all bullshit. Either they’re lying to you or they don’t have enough experience to know better. In either case smack him for me)

I’m a big believer in the traditional family photos… You need them! Which is why I give all my clients formal shot list to fill out before the big day. Reason being is so the bride and groom can take a moment and decide exactly which family or friends they must have pictures with. Portraits they’d like to have shots. Otherwise I find that my couples forget to get pictures with Uncle Frank and Aunt Sally.

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Brides pep talk…

After seeing so many brides get worked up over little details in their wedding that didn’t go exactly as planed. I decided to give each of my brides a pep talk. Believe it or not it really helps to keep things in perspective.

Your wedding day is the most important day. You’ve been working hard planning this day for months and you thought about it your whole life. So enjoy it!

If things don’t go exactly as planned let it roll off your back and just be present in your day. Be present and enjoy! This is the most important day.

The things that go wrong today you will laugh about later.

I had a bride spend her whole reception in her suite crying because it sprinkled slightly during her ceremony..

Last year the resort transposed two letters in the bride’s name. Things go wrong… but accept them and have fun.

These little things you will laugh about later. So don’t let them interrupt your day.

Lastly- delegate! It’s your wedding assign people chores.